Advanced Disposal Upgrading Recycling Carts


Advanced Disposal, an integrated environmental services company, is upgrading its unincorporated St. Johns County customers to 95-gallon recycling carts for their curbside recycling service at no additional cost to residents.  Carts will be delivered to homes between June 1 and July 3. 

 “We are excited to upgrade our recycling program in unincorporated St. Johns County and give residents the opportunity to recycle easier and with more convenience while providing more space to recycle more all leading to a cleaner and greener St. Johns County,” said District Manager Bill Stubblebine. “Just toss your recyclables into the cart, roll them to the curb and you’re done – it’s that easy!”

 Beginning July 6, residents are to place their recyclables in the provided blue recycling carts for their curbside collection. All recyclables can be mixed together in the cart. Carts reduce the amount of recycling that is blown by the wind or disturbed by animals, and it takes up no more floor space than two 18-gallon recycling bins. It’s only taller. See a full listing of acceptable recyclable items and collection guidelines at

 While carts will be distributed starting June 1, residents should continue to utilize their 18-gallon bin(s) for recycling materials storage and collection.  The carts will not be serviced until the week of July 6 on residents’ regularly scheduled collection day.

 For more information please contact Advanced Disposal at: Phone: (904) 827-1005; Email:; Website:



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