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 Earth Day is an annual one-day event for the rest of the world, but for Advanced Disposal, an integrated environmental services company, it is celebrated 365 days a year.  Advanced Disposal’s team members are showing support across their operational footprint by sponsoring local Earth Day events, providing environmentally-focused tips, promoting educational programs and hosting landfill open houses.

Advanced Disposal is a team of environmental professionals that celebrate Earth Day 365 days a year across 17 states, in more than 800 communities, with over 2.8 million residential customers and 200,000 businesses.  Advanced Disposal does so by collecting more than 8.7 million tons of waste, 593,000 tons of recyclables, safely disposing of 15.4 million tons of waste in highly-engineered and environmentally friendly landfills and by running 16% of the fleet on compressed natural gas, an alternative fuel.

“We’re dedicated to finding effective, sustainable solutions to preserve the environment for you, your children, our children and their future in our world. Most importantly, we believe that it takes more than one day a year,” stated Advanced Disposal CEO, Richard Burke.  “In celebration of Earth Day 365, more than 1,500 team members will show their support on April 22 by wearing one-of-a-kind, seed wristbands and planting them at the end of the day, producing more than 63,000 annual and perennial wildflowers.”

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