An interview with the Lubben Brothers, opening the Gamble Rogers Music Series

Celebrating 25 years of music, songwriting, and storytelling, the Gamble Rogers Music Festival announces the lineup for the 2019-2020 concert series. Fundraising concerts featuring regional and national musicians will lead up to the 25th Annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival in 2020.

Kicking off the concerts series, The Lubben Brothers perform on Saturday, Oct. 26, an up-and-coming acoustic folk band and musical theatre playwrights. The Lubben Brothers are an acoustic folk band founded by triplet brothers, Michael, Tom, and Joshua. They are often joined by their younger brother Isaac – an honorary quadruplet. The brothers specialize in tight vocal harmonies, and the band uses a unique blend of folk instruments including banjo, bass, guitar, mandolin, accordion, tin whistle, and fiddle. Classically trained at a young age, their modern song writing style incorporates folk roots with complex pop ideas.

Local group, Salt and Pine , will open for The Lubben Brothers. Salt and Pine is an acoustic folk/pop/rock/Americana band from St. Augustine and includes band members Nolan Baker, Haley Thompson, and Matthew Kirkland.

Doors will open at 6 p.m., and the music will begin at 7 p.m. at Lohman Auditorium , located behind the Whitney Lab at Marineland, 9505 Ocean Shore Blvd., from A1A south. General admission seating begins at 6:30 p.m. Light refreshments are available for purchase at all concerts.

A set of 6 concert series tickets is available for $100.00. Individual concert series tickets are $20 at the door with some concerts offered at $15 in advance, online only. See  for tickets and details.


GRMF: Where were you all born? Where is your homebase now?

The triplets of our group (Joshua, Michael, and Tom) were born in Grand Rapids, MI, but grew up on a goat farm in Iowa where their 16-year-old brother, Isaac, was born. Jean-Paul was born in Venezuela and moved to the states at an early age.
Joshua, Michael, & Tom Lubben as well as Jean-Paul Lemos are coming from West Palm Beach with Isaac Lubben from Chicago, IL.

GRMF: How many instruments do you play and what instruments are they?

Joshua: Guitar, tin whistle, dulcimer, cello, piano, vocals
Michael: banjo, fiddle, guitar, piano, vocals
Tom: fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, accordion, bass, vocals
Isaac: bass, fiddle
Jean-Paul: cajon, auxiliary percussion, bass drum

GRMF: What is the genesis of the group’s on-stage performing life?

The Lubben Brothers has maintained the same structure since its conception in 2013, with the addition of Jean-Paul Lemos on percussion in 2019. Over the years, we’ve incorporated more instruments along the way and now perform primarily original music.

GRMF: What is your intent with your performing life?

We believe in bringing people together through our music, while providing a response to the victories and tragedies of our country.

GRMF: If you have a day job, what is it?

We are full-time musicians, so primarily pay the bills through freelance local performance including music director positions in theaters and churches, and artist in residence work at schools.

GRMF: What would be your musical career goal 5 years from now?

Five years from now, we envision ourselves performing full-time as The Lubben Brothers while actively writing, producing, and performing our new musical theater works.

GRMF: Has your music career goal changed?

Yes. We studied classical music through college, only turning to folk music as a hobby. Gradually, however, our opportunities and our love for the genre redirected our focus to folk music primarily, and we began writing heavily for our band – including a fully-orchestrated musical with a live folk band as characters.

GRMF: What is your favorite cover song to play?

Phillip Phillips’ “Home”
The Lumineers’ “Nobody Knows”
Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”

GRMF: What is your favorite song from the new album to play?

The Charleston Massacre – our response to the shooting at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, SC.

At the concert, the Lubben Brothers will be releasing a BRAND NEW ALBUM only available at their live performances, so you don’t want to miss this!


  • Oct. 26: Lubben Brothers with Salt & Pine as opener – at the Lohman Auditorium
  • Dec. 14: Sam Pacetti & Gabe Valla – at the St. Augustine Art Association
  • January 18: Low Lily – at the Lohman Auditorium
  • February 15: Acoustic Eidolon – at the Lohman Auditorium
  • March 7: The Adventures of Annabelle Lynn – at the St. Augustine Art Association

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