Anastasia Boulevard: Destination for St. Augustine

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From Members of The Blvd. 

Business owners and residents of Anastasia Boulevard and Davis Shores report big news. With nearly 100 businesses, new hotels, new home construction, Anastasia Boulevard and Davis Shores are reawakening at the perfect time. For the past six months a committed group of business owners and residents have organized and defined the area with the goal of making the area a top destination for anyone visiting the city.

Robert Nettles, owner BlueWater Jewelers; resident, Bruce Maguire owner Marker 8 Hotel & Marina (previously Anchorage Inn); resident, Melinda Casado owner Tre Sebastian; Scott Martin, owner of Bones Smokehouse; Al Poticny, owner of Eclections; and resident, and Heather Neville, North Florida Transportation Planning Citizen Advisor for St. Augustine have executed several initiatives.

Most notably to date are developing, delivering, and compiling a survey of the various businesses on Anastasia Boulevard, providing a monthly meeting forum for the businesses along the boulevard to discuss goals and vision; and developing a new logo to support the long time beautifully eclectic neighborhood of this historic city.

What was found in the last six months, according to the committee, is the Boulevard has a lot to offer both residents and visitors in the form of parking (currently over 300 available free parking spots,) amazing award-winning restaurants, and exciting destinations including the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Alligator Farm and Anastasia State Park.

Also realized is the importance of neighbors, the residents of Davis Shores, and the vital role they have played for decades in keeping the Anastasia Boulevard area viable.

With the overwhelming support of Commissioner Leanna Freeman, the group plans on working through many of the area’s needs. The many restaurants and retail shops have ample parking and excellent selections. Like our page on Facebook for updates about specials from our members.

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