14 Flagler College students among FBI’s New Hires

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Ever since Flagler College senior Paul Khan was in high school, he has dreamed of being a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As of late February, he is one step closer to achieving that goal.

Khan, along with 13 other students, was offered and accepted a position with the governmental organization, often depicted as the titan of high-profile detective work.

“When I heard they were coming to Flagler, I immediately signed up and took advantage of the opportunity,” he said.

“It has always been my goal to work for them, so I was really excited to hear that I probably accomplished the biggest thing in my life. At 21 years old I could already be working my dream job.”

On Feb. 25, the organization held an information session on campus, and returned the following day to interview 29 students, 17 of whom were offered jobs. Fourteen accepted entry-level positions, including general support and technical roles.

Student Gabby Grubbs, another recent hire, shared Khan’s dream of working for the FBI and also viewed it as an opportunity to work in her field of interest.

“In my new position I hope to gain experience in possibly the personal security field or behavioral analysis,” she said.

“I understand the position is entry-level and it will be a slow start, but no matter what I still have my foot in the door and I am excited for anything they could throw at me.”

For psychology major Heather Burlas, the job offer is an excellent back-up plan.

“I decided to interview with the FBI because I am applying to graduate schools,” she said. “But they (the schools) are incredibly competitive, particularly for my program of forensic psychology; I wanted to have other options.”

Dan Stewart, vice president of student services, was elated with the recent placements.

“When I was informed 17 students had been offered positions I was extremely excited for the students and proud of the Career Services Office,” he said.

“Since the students came from a variety of majors, I believe this is a direct reflection on the learning outcomes instilled in the students within each major and a result of the general education program. These students were prepared to take the skills learned and, through the questions and answers during the interview, convince the interviewers that they possessed the necessary abilities to perform within the highly selective business of the FBI.”

The new hires, all seniors, are busy focusing on their last-semester studies and completing final paperwork for employment with the FBI.



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