Francis Field to be used for parking on July 4

Francis Field parking

Photo from the St. Augustine Report by former St. Augustine mayor George Gardner. See more at

By Renee Unsworth

I just got read the St. Augustine Report ( by former St. Augustine mayor George Gardner. I’m happy that he’s one of my neighbors here in the Fullerwood area of North City in St. Augustine. He keeps us on our toes, and up-to-date on St. Augustine news.

His report confirmed something I chatted about with Wanda Bray in the Public Affairs department of the City of St. Augustine a few weeks ago.

Francis Field WILL be used as a parking lot on July 4 during St. Augustine’s Fourth of July festivities and fireworks! The field sits next to the parking garage in downtown St. Augustine, and is used for many of the annual festivals held in spring and fall each year.

If all goes well, it will be used again for parking during St. Augustine’s Celebrate 450!, a street and musical festival held Sept. 4-6 during the celebration of St. Augustine’s 450th anniversary.

Read more details from Gardner’s report.–Augustine-Report.html?soid=1102180019322&aid=SXnnwU3mpUE

Francis Field parking  July 4 ‘pilot study’ for Celebrate 450

Francis Field will be opened for parking on July 4 as a “pilot study for Celebrate 450!,“Asst. City Manager Tim Burchfield says in a memo to city commissioners accompanying a resolution on Monday’s consent agenda.

The consent agenda is usually read by title and passed without comment. Burchfield estimates 500 cars can be parked on the field.

There will be a flat fee of $10 at both the visitor center parking facility and adjacent Francis Field. The $2 reduction in the garage fee “will allow for smoother traffic flow due to less delay in change transactions and upset patrons wondering why they paid $2 more to park in the garage,” Burchfield says.

While Francis Field parking is cash only, the parking facility will continue to accept all forms of payment it currently recognizes, according to Burchfield.

“Manpower at the Parking Facility is limited so the City will be working with an outside company to provide the necessary individuals to monitor the lot,” he says.

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