Gamble Rogers Music Festival gives $1,500 to local school

Gamble Rogers Music Festival donates to local school each year

St. Augustine, FL — The Gamble Rogers Music Festival recently presented a $1,500 check to Gamble Rogers Middle School for use in the arts department. Funds generated at the annual festival are given each year to local schools, to be used for music and arts programs.

“We are so honored to be named the recipient! I have no doubt this money will have a monumental impact on our students and our programs. We intend to do the absolute most with it,” said Kendra Stone, the Drama Instructor for Gamble Rogers Middle School.

The Gamble Rogers Music Festival is held each May, featuring folk and Americana music acts. The festival honors the late James Gamble Rogers IV, a singer, songwriter, and storyteller who balanced a love of balladry and folk songs with a passion for the oral tradition and storytelling. Rogers was just hitting his peak when he died on October 10, 1991, trying to save a man from drowning. Go to or follow on Facebook at

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