Hot Shot Bakery Wins Datil Pepper Cook-Off Honors

Bacon-Topped Chocolate Pumpkin Cones

Bacon-Topped Chocolate Pumpkin Cones

Sherry Stoppelbein

Sherry Stoppelbein

Hot Shot Bakery earned a first prize honor Oct. 3 during the Datil Pepper Festival Cook-Off, sponsored by the University of Florida St. Johns County Extension. The event recognized the importance the hot and spicy datil pepper holds as part of St. Augustine’s heritage.

Hot Shot Bakery earned the top honor for Sherry Stoppelbein’s Bacon-Topped Chocolate Pumpkin Cone.

Here’s the recipe:

Bacon-Topped Chocolate Pumpkin Cones

Makes 30 Appetizers:

10 extra crisp bacon strips, minced

½ C. fresh pumpkin, steamed and mashed

1 datil pepper, minced

½ t. granulated garlic

½ C. butter, room temperature

3 eggs

2 C. granulated sugar

1.5 t. vanilla

2 T. rum

3 oz. dark chocolate, melted

2 C. unbleached flour

2 t. baking soda

½ t. salt

1 C. sour cream

1 jar Datil B Good Citrus Jam

Beat butter and sugar until blended. Add eggs and beat until fluffy. Add vanilla, garlic, datil and chocolate ~ mixing until smooth. Mix pumpkin and sour cream in separate bowl.  Add sour cream mixture alternatively with all dry ingredients and mix until blended.

Fill piping decorate bag half full and pipe into little cones (Black Sesame from Swiss Chalet Fine Foods).

Pour dry beans into muffin pan and place each filled cone into a hole in the beans so they stand up. Drizzle each cone with Datil B Good citrus jam and top with bacon. Please in oven for 15 minutes.



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