Keeping You In Stitches: Creating The Perfect Blouse

Sally Cowan and her cat Thunder

Sally Cowan and her cat Thunder


Are you looking for a pattern that matches your favorite blouse? Do you search through pattern books, hoping and praying, you will see the exact pattern? And if you do find a pattern, are you sure it will fit like your favorite blouse?

Let me save you some time. The only way to succeed in finding the exact blouse is by taking your favorite blouse apart. This activity is best done in front of the TV. Buy a new seam ripper, rip out the stitches and most of all, remember how the pieces fit together. After you have taken the blouse completely apart, iron each piece. Try not to stretch the fabric while doing this. Remember, you want the blouse to fit just like it was before you tore it apart.

Label the pieces so you can remember that A goes to A and B goes to B. After you have ironed each piece, place the pieces on pattern paper. (Or tissue paper). Trace around each piece and cut out the pieces. You now have a new pattern, a pattern that is exactly like your favorite blouse. Or is it?

If the blouse you tore apart is cotton and you make the new one in a knit fabric, it won’t fit the same. Keep this in mind. I highly suggest you buy a very inexpensive piece of like fabric and make the blouse and try it on. Most of the time, you will be completely satisfied. But the whole process of ripping out the stitches and pulling on seams can change the fit ever so slightly.

Most of us have a favorite pair of pants. The only way to duplicate that pair of pants is to do the same procedure as the blouse. The fit that counts in pants is the crotch and that is very hard to match if using a new pattern. It is not just the length of the crotch but the curve and the depth of the curve. All of these considerations play into that perfect fit.

Perfection is hard to come by. Perhaps even impossible. But we must keep trying. Wear, tear apart, iron, transfer to paper, cut, sew, and wear. We have just come full circle.


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