Limelight Theatre announces 8 shows in 2018-19 season

Limelight Theatre announces its 27th season on shows. Get tickets at or call 904-825-1164


Musical • Mainstage • September 21 – October 21
Come taste the wine! Come hear the band! Your table’s waiting. Come to the cabaret! Welcome to the dazzling, provocative world of the Kit Kat Club, a fictional nightclub in pre-World War II Berlin.
Season Opening Party: September 20 • Terrific Tuesday: September 25


Drama/Comedy with Music • Black Box • November 30 – December 23
Jessica Tandy and John Denver starred in the movie version of Foxfire, a story that celebrates Appalachian culture and keeping traditions alive.
Preview: November 29 • Terrific Tuesday: December 4

An Enemy of the People

Classic Drama • Mainstage • January 11 – February 3
A small Norwegian town has just begun to win fame and wealth through its medicinal spring waters – until the resident physician in charge discovers that the waters are poisoned.
Preview: January 10 • Terrific Tuesday: January 15

Girls’ Weekend

Comedy • Mainstage • February 22 – March 17
The women tell everyone they’re going to a cabin for book club. However, after the third case of wine comes through the door, it becomes clear there will be more stewing than reviewing. As bottles tip up, secrets spill out and men sneak in.
Preview: February 21 • Terrific Tuesday: February 26

Father of the Bride

Comedy • Mainstage • April 5 – April 28
With his oldest daughter’s wedding approaching, a father finds himself reluctant to let go.
Preview: April 4 • Terrific Tuesday: April 9

Calendar Girls

 Comedy • Mainstage • May 17 – June 9

A media sensation! Based on the true story of eleven Women’s Institute members who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Leukemia Research Fund.

Preview: May 16 • Terrific Tuesday: May 21

Smoke on the Mountain

Musical • Black Box • June 13 – June 29 • (Non-Standard Schedule)
Smoke on the Mountain is one of the most produced shows worldwide, with songs from hymns and bluegrass tunes. The Sanders Family is delayed from performing at the music revival but arrives with great gusto to entertain churchgoers.
Preview: June 12 • Terrific Tuesday: June 18

 Fun Home

Musical • Mainstage • July 26 – August 25
Fun Home is the coming-of-age story that parallels the lead character’s sexual awakening with the suicide of her closeted gay father.
Preview: July 25 • Terrific Tuesday: July 30

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