May 15: Art Transcends Boundaries presents I, HOPE with guests from Limelight Theatre & The Dance Company


  • Wednesday, May 15 at 7 pm
  • Tickets: $12
  • Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College, 14 Granada St., downtown St. Augustine


  • Directed by and Written by Alberto Carlos Peart
  • Choreography by Carole Dickens
  • Guest Actors from the Limelight Theatre
  • Dancers from The Dance Company in St. Augustine
  • Special Guest Abigail the Advocate


I, HOPE is the Avant Garde Show by Chrissy Das.

The St. Augustine creative community continues to grow and change with increasing talent from Art Transcends Boundaries (ATB), an inclusive arts program from The Arc of the St. Johns, designed to develop the creative talents and skills of the special needs community.

Alberto Carlos Peart teaches and manages alongside with Brenda Felder at St. Johns Community Campus, a charter school in the heart of downtown St Augustine. He is also a major player with Art Transcends Boundaries in which he does theater, dance and multi-media production. Both St. Johns Community Campus and Art Transcends Boundaries are under the umbrella of the Arc of The St Johns.

Coming from decades of experience in dance and theater, Alberto has a deep knowledge of the arts and a level of experience the local community is lucky to have. His new play, “ I, HOPE” is debuting for one night only at the Lewis Auditorium in Flagler College, on May 15th at 7pm.

“I, HOPE” is a musical play showing the range of experiences of those with developmental and physical differences face as they age out of a system that isn’t built to support their unique needs. After the de-institutionalization and marginalization people with developmental differences faced in the 1960s and 1970s, the transition to community services seems like a great idea. The opportunities available to individuals with specific needs have become more accessible but there is still so much to do.

The Arc of the St. Johns, fills some of the gap in services for adults with developmental and physical differences by providing support and services in life skills, jobs skills, and quality of life. Art Transcends Boundaries goes one step further to nurture their creativity. Theatre and dance provide so much more than exercises in creativity; memorization, movement, focus, and math skills are all improved through access to the arts.

Alberto first reached out to Limelight Theatre last year for masks and props for the show “Morph,” and it started a great relationship between the two organizations. You may have seen some of the “Morph” costumes featured in this year’s St. Augustine Fashion Week.

The actors still remember the choreography from last year’s show. “I don’t even remember what they did last year and they are able to reproduce the dances,” explains Alberto.

“I, HOPE” is poised to make a lasting impact on the community and it is already creating some lasting ripple effects. The show has 4 main characters and over 25 cast members. The Limelight Theatre and The Dance Company have provided local talent to embrace this show’s uniqueness. The show also features “shadow” actors/dancers who are neuro-typical and act as the inner voice for the main cast.

The amount of progress the cast has made in their communication skills and overall confidence is amazing. In this year’s Night to Shine, the Tim Tebow-sponsored event that provides a prom experience for young people with physical and developmental differences, six of the adults from the Art Transcends Boundaries program were featured on the Jacksonville News. Their confidence dancing and willingness to get up onstage and have a good time will only continue to grow as they find more opportunities to perform.

Hope Enterprises  is sponsoring the venue and providing the chance for this group of actors to perform in front of a large audience. Limelight Theatre and The Dance Company are continuing contributors for the shows of Art Transcends Boundaries, providing acting classes, theatre workshops and dance classes for the actors.

Limelight Theatre Education Director, Kristin Pidcock, mother of a young daughter with Down Syndrome, shares, “This is my life’s purpose. This is why I’m in theatre.”

“You have your daughter. I have my daughter. I have these talents and you have those talents,” says Lynne Allcott Funcheon – Director of St John’s Community Campus and Community Services, at the Arc of the St. Johns. “Friends happen when you find something in common.”

Alberto adds, “All of these collaborators are helping the actors. We have multiple mentors, multiple teachers.”

Contributions from the community continue to pour in. Get your tickets now at

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