New Textbook Explores Public-Private Partnerships


Flagler College’s Dr. Joe Saviak, assistant director of the Public Administration program, is one of several co-authors of a newly-published college textbook on the use of public-private partnerships to meet transportation challenges worldwide.The book, titled “Private Financing of Public Infrastructure: Utilizing Public-Private Partnerships,” features internationally validated best practices and specific case studies from multiple countries involving the design, implementation and evaluation of public-private partnerships (specifically what’s called P3s) to provide transportation infrastructure.

“There’s a worldwide revolution occurring in transportation through the use of public-private partnerships to finance, build and operate the roads and highways needed to transport people and goods,” Saviak said. “It’s an innovative and effective solution for governments facing serious financial and infrastructure deficits. The key is to teach our current and future policymakers and public managers how to successfully employ public-private partnerships.”

Saviak’s chapter utilizes international research, case studies and interviews with public policy leaders to illuminate best practices and lessons learned in optimizing private sector roles for transportation P3s. Some of the most common P3 partnerships include: airports, bridges, highways, hospitals, parking facilities, rail systems, roads, tunnels and water projects.

Dr. Wendell Lawther and Dr. Lawrence Martin, of the University of Central Florida, serve as editors to the textbook, published by Rowman and Littlefield. Saviak previously published a guide with Martin for state and local officials on the use of P3s. He regularly speaks to conferences both in the United States and abroad on utilizing such partnerships to meet public infrastructure needs.


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