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The Republican Club of Greater Saint Augustine invites all college bound high school seniors of St. Johns County to participate in an essay contest for a scholarship award.

Students wishing to enter the contest must submit an essay no shorter than 250 words and no longer than 750 words to be considered. Theme, guidelines and entry form listed below.

Please number your essay’s pages and include your full name on each page.

The following scholarships will be provided: First place – $1,000; second – $750; third – $500.

Essay Prompt

What does it mean to be a conservative voter in America today? Do you feel the Republican Party best represents the attitudes and beliefs of conservatives?


Eligible Candidates: Graduating Seniors, Class of 2015, St. Johns County High Schools, St. Joseph Academy and Home School students.

Must have applied to or been accepted by an Accredited Four Year Degree Granting Institution

Extra credits for: School and Community Service Involvement plus Political Activism. This will be used in case of tied entries.

Deadline : All essays, along with entry form and extra credit information, must be emailed to Pat Greenfield by 5: p.m. Feb. 27.

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