St. Augustine Mayor Joe Boles asks for your vote

From St. Augustine Mayor Joe Boles

Joe Boles is mayor of the City of St. Augustine

Joe Boles is mayor of the City of St. Augustine

I’m Joe Boles. It is an honor and a privilege to serve asthe Mayor of St Augustine and I am asking for your vote.

This City is running on all cylinders. Our infrastructure improvements, our neighborhoods and our businesses all continue to improve. We have a great team in place with the City staff and the Commission.

The interesting part of my job as Mayor is that it has two very distinct parts to it. The Mayor serves as the ceremonial “face” of the City so I am the “greeter, if you will … and I am one vote on the City Commission.

It is important to not come into this with a strong ego. There is no room for me, me me, on the commission. Only WE! Please vote for me on August 26 to allow us to continue this wonderful forward momentum.

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Mayor Boles on Traffic

We are St.Augustine, the Nation’s Oldest City! We have become a “world class destination” and people are coming here to see why we are on everybody’s “Top Ten” list. Since the days of Henry Flagler, St. Augustine has been a well-established tourist destination. Before any of us were even a twinkle in our mother’s eye tourism was a contributing part of our economy. We are lucky to have to deal with this challenge as any successful community do. We love the economic benefit and are very proud of our City.

I, personally, could do without all the traffic but this is America and we love our cars. We also know that people need to get out of their cars to enjoy the city and spend money here! As I sit in my car on the Bridge of Lions, I am glad that we are already working on managing our traffic challenges. While continuing to manage cars, carriages, sightseeing vehicles, and pedestrians, it is now vital that we regulate pedicabs, golf carts, Segways and giant tour buses that are mushrooming up everyday.

Ordinances are already drafted and moving toward public comment opportunities at a commission meeting soon. This review will include delivery trucks in the mornings and buses that end up intruding into residential neighborhoods “accidentally” as is claimed.

Signage at the beach SR 312 intersection is up for discussion, to remind drivers going back to Palatka and Green Cove Springs and other areas inland, to take the 312 bridge instead of going through downtown. All of us locals could do the same thing.

When we do need to go downtown, we St. Augustinians could consider riding our bikes or walking whenever possible. However, in this heat with a coat and tie on, I confess that walking to work is not on my agenda!

The DOT and the Coast Guard are responding to our drumbeat of criticism about the Bridge’s opening and closing schedule. It seems that every minute affects 60 cars (30 each way) and that’s a lot of backed up traffic. We should have an agreement with both agencies on this soon.

The popularity and success of our beautiful city leaves us feeling ultimately grateful, even when it is annoying, because lots of cities would love to have the challenges of managing success like ours!

NOTE: This is not an endorsement. This is commentary by a candidate. To send your candidate commentary, please email

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