Velo Fest Reminds Watch For MS150 Bike Riders


Bike riders participated in a past Velo Fest event.

Bike riders participated in a past Velo Fest event.

Velo Fest Community Initiative will be supporting the 2,200 rider- strong Bike MS150 this weekend. As riders take to the road on a 179 mile journey starting in Ponte Vedra at TPC Sept. 20, everyone is reminded to be extra cautious and take alternative routes to some areas.

Starting in the early morning Sept. 20, A1A from Ponte Vedra to Vilano will be filled with cyclists attempting to complete the two- day journey and take in the sites this area has to offer. It is advisable to seek an alternative route if possible Saturday morning. Additionally, A1A South through the county will see a large amount of bicycle traffic on the roads. For some this will be a great accomplishment to complete such a large athletic endeavor. We need to help give them confidence in their safety by remembering a few simple rules of the road, representatives of the group emphasize.

Bicycles are allowed to be on the road, even if there is a bicycle lane. When passing a cyclists, give at least three feet and wait for oncoming traffic to pass before attempting to overtake. If it is ever a question whether to pass, slow down, access the situation, and then decide.

Give audible signals when passing and acknowledge when being passed. Go with the flow of traffic at all times, even on the sidewalks. Do not ride with earphones or other gadgets, which may impair your ability to understand your surroundings.


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