City of St. Augustine delivers 20,000 masks to Visitor Information Center

Masks are available for purchase in boxes of 50

As part of the City of St. Augustine’s effort to provide masks for purchase in larger quantities to local business, residents and visitors, 20,000 masks have been delivered to the Visitor Information Center this week.

In May, when mask resources were still somewhat scarce, purchases of city inventory were limited to two boxes; but now, there is no restriction on how many boxes may be purchased.

“When this mask initiative started, during the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to be able to provide an affordable option to businesses when they were re-opening,” City Manager John Regan remarked.

“Now, with the businesses being open and increased numbers of people visiting, out and about, we want to be sure there is inventory to support that.”

The city has distributed more than 135,000 masks to date.


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