March 3-5: 13th Annual Saint Augustine Film Festival — Part Deux

The 13th Annual Saint Augustine Film Festival: Part Deux will run March 3-5, 2023 in Lewis Auditorium and Gamache-Koger Theater at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

32 films will screen over those three days. Admission to the films is $10 per film, and free for Film Fest Pass Holders, Flagler students, faculty and staff. Learn more at

Special Guests: SAFF Part Deux welcomes several filmmakers who will introduce their films. Hope Madden, writer/director of OBSTACLE CORPSE will be joined by producer George Wolf. The writer/producer of DOG WHISPERER, Melissa Jo Peltier, will follow the screening with a talk on producing documentaries.

Flagler College grad Ryan Buffa, now a producer of THE WALKING DEAD, will show her film Sweetheart and will appear by Zoom to talk about Making It In The Biz After College.

Award-winning director/writer John Gray will introduce his feature film WHITE IRISH DRINKERS and the following day, his collection of short subjects The World is Short. 

Filmmakers William & Melissa Sykes bring back their documentary GAMBLE ROGERS: Down At The Terminal Tavern. Character actor Tony Rosselli shows his reel and talks about getting his start in movies.

The Saint Augustine Film Festival Part Deux is produced in partnership with Flagler College Cinematic Arts Department under the direction of Dr. Tracy Halcomb. Five of the film blocks were programmed from students in film classes taught by Visiting Filmmaker in Residence Jim Gilmore and Adjunct Professor Trevor Worley.

There are three receptions open to SAFF All Access Badge Holders. For further information, visit or email


Friday, March 3

2:30pm, Gamache-Koger Theatre

  • Writing for Film Data Management – (USA) An office setting with themes of technology and humanity
  • The Wish – (China) A boy, out in the wilderness, gets into a stranger’s car…where is he going?
  • Heroes – (USA) Rigo is the new kid in town and he is being bullied by the locals.
  • My Love – (USA) Two people who come together to let each other go.
  • Martha’s Day – (USA) Martha wakes up at home to what seems to be a normal day. However…

3:45 pm, Gamache-Koger Theatre – You Think You’re Funny?

  • Out of Water – (Florida) When a disenchanted mermaid is taken for a real mermaid.
  • Pandemic Sky – (UK) How did the pandemic hinder spies during lockdown?
  • Buddymovie – (USA) Two old friends reunite in the wilderness.
  • Backspace – (UK) An aspiring writer attempts to write the first scene of a romance.
  • Smile – (USA) After a woman’s insurance is denied, her attempt to resolve, spirals out of control.
  • NY, I’m Breaking Up With You – (USA) Dumped by his GF, a guy blames his trouble on NY.
  • Maybe Next Year – (USA) Countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve.
  • The Vacation – (USA) In Flatbush, a group of friend try to go to the beach.

6pm, Gamache-Koger Theatre

  • OBSTACLE CORPSE – Comedy/Horror

Raised in a rah-rah survivalist family, Sunny was always more into books than backpacking as aclan. But she’s tired of disappointing her old man and getting his beard trimmings for Christmas every year (don’t ask). So, she sets out to prove herself once and for all, in the invite-only Guts & Glory obstacle course race, where she and her goofball friend Ezra will run alongside some past winners and hopefully show dad, his daughter can take care of herself.

Saturday, March 4

1pm, Gamache-Koger Theatre

  • Anthony “Tony” Rosselli – Discussion & Clips

Tony shows his real and talks about breaking into the biz. Free for everyone.

2pm, Lewis Auditorium –

  • WILD BEAUTY – Documentary

An immersive journey into the world of wild horses, Wild Beauty illuminates both the profound beauty, and desperate plight currently faced by the wild horses in the Western United States. Filmmaker Ashley Avis (Disney’s Black Beauty) and crew go on a multi-year expedition to uncover the truth in hopes to protect them, before wild horses disappear forever.

2:30pm, Gamache-Koger Theatre –

  • DOG WHISPERER – Reality TV

Cesar Millan is a master when it comes to communicating with dogs and changing their behavior. Following the screening, co-writer, Melissa Jo Peltier will discuss writing and producing for television and film.

4pm, Lewis Auditorium 

  • GHOSTS OF NEW YORK – Documentary

Armed with never-before-seen shark technology, Dr. Craig O’Connell and the local community join forces to solve the mystery surrounding Montauk’s three-week long thresher shark aggregation. Are they here to breed, pup or feed – no one knows? But with some of the world’s most notorious catch-and-kill shark tournaments coinciding with this aggregation, will Craig and his team be able to uncover the secrets of nature’s most elusive shark before it is too late?

4:30pm, Gamache-Koger Theatre

Sweetheart – Suspense thriller

Flager College grad, Ryan Buffa, presents her new film Sweetheart that deals with a young woman who experienced a traumatic event. Following the film, Buffa, who is co-producer on THE WALKING DEAD, talks about her quest to make it in film & TV.

6pm, Lewis Auditorium

  • WHITE IRISH DRINKERS – Drama Thriller

Brooklyn, 1975: two brothers looking for a way out of their working-class neighborhood make a pact to rob a local theater on the night of a Rolling Stones concert. Following the film, writer/director and award winning filmmaker, John Gray will talk about creating a feature film.

8pm, Lewis Auditorium

  • GAMBLE ROGERS: Down At The Terminal Tavern – Documentary

Gamble was a wry humorist & chronicler of the classic misadventures & country shenanigans of those backwoods scofflaws, loading ramp philosophers & truly sorry individuals who inhabit his fictional Oklawaha County. He is also an outstanding guitar player & accomplished songwriter. This documentary traces the life & career of this unique, talented artist and first son of St Augustine. The filmmakers, William & Melissa Sykes, will introduce the film.

Sunday, March 5

2pm, Gamache-Koger Theatre – The Art of Film

  • Vulnerable – (Netherlands) A young woman is driven to fight.
  • Mamma – (Norway) Christmas Eve and a mom searches for her drug dependent daughter.
  • Angel – (Iran) A little girl notices the discrimination in her family.
  • One Drop – (UK) He is the “it” artist…but what’s next?
  • Stairs – (USA) An elderly woman encounters a perplexing situation

2:30pm, Lewis Auditorium – The World is Short – 5 Short Classics by John Gray

  • Extra Innings – A baseball writer interviews the manager of the Boston Red Sox
  • Household Demons – A young boy is forced to deal with the entity that possesses his mother.
  • Exit Package – Dealing with life & work on Zoom during the pandemic.
  • The Third Defector – A secret agent in Paris must keep her eyes on an Iranian defector.
  • Little Drummer Boy – Christmas as a family affair.

Afterwards director/writer John Gray and producer Melissa Jo Peltier discuss making a short.

4pm, Lewis Auditorium


Peter Dinklege, Shirley MacLaine, Matt Dillon and Danny Glover star in a film about a college professor and his desire to but a house.

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