Sept. 20: Local musicians in Gamble Rogers Showcase at Sing Out Loud Virtual Sessions

25th annual Gamblefest continues with live stream concerts in 2020

St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine musicians who normally perform each year at the Gamble Rogers Music Festival will be a part of virtual performances this year with the Sing Out Loud Festival — streaming live from St. Johns County locations. WATCH HERE ON YOUTUBE

The Skinny

The Gamble Rogers Showcase will take place from 1 to 7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 20, performing from Beluthahatchee Park, located in northwest St. Johns County on the William Bartram Scenic Highway (State Road 13), Beluthahatchee is the former residence of human rights activist and journalist/author Stetson Kennedy.

Jamie DeFrates

The lineup on Sept. 20 features The Skinny (Taylor and Pamela Fausset), Jamie DeFrates, Collapsible B (John Dickie and his band), Michael Jordan, The Carpetbaggers, The Obscure Brothers (Bob Patterson and Charley Simmons), and The Deadly Nightshades. To view the full Sing Out Loud Festival virtual schedule, visit

Collapsible B (John Dickie and his band)

“Gamblefest is well. We’re keeping the music alive along with the memory of Gamble Rogers,” said Bob Patterson, a founding member of the Gamble Rogers Music Festival who sits on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization.

“We are in the midst of reinventing ourselves while dealing with the Coronavirus experience. We’re grateful for the support from all of our fans.”

Michael Jordan

The 25th annual Gamble Rogers Music Festival, originally set for the first weekend of May 2020, was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Gamble Rogers Music Festival is dedicated to commemorating the life and music of Gamble Rogers, whose passion for balladry, storytelling, and the oral tradition has helped shaped American folk music. Rogers, a native of Tallahassee, lived in St. Augustine until his heroic death by drowning in 1991 as he attempted to save a tourist caught in a rip-tide.

The Carpetbaggers

In addition to the three-day event held each year, Gamblefest also hosts a monthly concert series. All funds raised help produce the festival each year, and supports arts education in St. Johns County, with donations to arts programs at individual schools. 

In addition to the Sing Out Loud virtual concerts, the Gamble Rogers Music Festival partnered with the St. Johns Cultural Council in May for a series of live Facebook concerts. 

The Obscure Brothers (Bob Patterson and Charley Simmons)

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The Deadly Nightshades


  • When: Sunday, Sept. 20 from 1 to 7 p.m.
  • Who: Gamble Rogers musicians: The Skinny, Jamie DeFrates, Collapsible B, Michael Jordan, The Carpetbaggers, The Obscure Brothers, and The Deadly Nightshades 
  • Where: and YouTube


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