St. Augustine, Florida author releases fourth comedy murder mystery book 

St. Augustine, FL — Looking for a thrilling and funny read? St. Augustine author John J. Jessop is releasing his fourth book, A FISHY TALE, in a recent medical mystery series. It’s a whodunit and readers have been waiting for the launch of the book so that they can continue the hilarious story …

Author John J Jessop, Ph.D., pharmacology, worked in pharmaceutical and medical biotechnology development. An avid reader of mysteries, in retirement he has redirected his knowledge and experience toward writing the perfect murder mystery with a twist. The medical mystery series examines the humorous side of what can go wrong with medical biotech when scientists play around with our DNA, immune system and cells. 

Author John J. Jessop

“It’s all about creativity and imagination. I started my career as a scientist (pharmacologist) doing basic medical research. In that profession you use your knowledge, creativity,and imagination to design experiments to answer a specific question,” Jessop explains. “Each experiment comes from your mind, you are the only one in the entire world doing that experiment the way you planned it, so it’s pure creativity, which really gets my juices flowing.” 

“Writing fiction is similar in that it is very creative. The stories and characters come from your imagination only, and anything you create in your own mind you can put down on paper and into a book.”

The first book in his medical murder mystery series, PLEASURIA: TAKE AS DIRECTED,   staged in the pharmaceutical industry, is published by Koehler Books, whose senior editor said the book made him laugh out loud. This book includes a drug side effect that will knock your socks off, and then kill you.

His second book in this series, MURDER BY ROAD TRIP, launched in November 2020. He co-wrote the book with his daughter. It is very loosely based on a 7,600 mile cross-country road trip they took together in 2016.

Jessop’s third book in the series, THE REALTOR’S CURSE, is based in St. Augustine, Florida. He won first place in the mystery and humor categories at the Firebird Book Awards in 2022. In this one, the book characters buy a beachfront condo and end up investigating multiple murders and chasing a killer around St. Augustine!  

“I chose murder mysteries because I have been an avid reader of the genre my entire life. I love to try to figure out whodunnit before the author’s reveal in the book,” Jessop said. 

“I settled on humorous murder mysteries for now because while I wanted to provide readers with an intriguing mystery, we all need a good laugh with the world being such a mess. Studies have shown that laughter really is the best medicine. I have also incorporated a little bit of pharmacology into the plot of each book to make each story unique.”

Jessop’s heroes are Steve Martin, Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, Mel Brooks and Monty Python.  

His favorite authors are Robert B. Parker and Janet Evanovich.

Learn more about John J. Jessop’s book on his website,

His books can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and can be ordered in bookstores everywhere.


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