Harold George: A Great St. Augustine Night

By Harold George

I have an expression I like to use often when describing a particularly awesome evening I have just experienced: “A Great St. Augustine Night.”

You know the kind of night I am speaking of: Surrounded by friends, family and neighbors within a location that is unique to St. Augustine. We are there to see a favorite band, take part in one of our recurring events, or to celebrate the start of the holiday season.

I am sure there are many wonderful evenings playing out across America at that very moment, but when it’s a great St. Augustine night, the rest of the world just doesn’t seem as lucky as we are, here in our little corner of the globe. 

April is wrapping up with several opportunities for all of us to have a great St. Augustine night. 

A standout event will be the second Night Market on Tuesday, April 24 at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.  The first Night Market was an overwhelming success, and the Farmers Market managers were already tweaking their plans for the next event while the first one was still happening.  

Along with more vendors, another great band has been added in the form of Ghost Tropic. Populated by librarians, computer geeks, and a laboratory biologist, Ghost Tropic performs original songs, with dreamy, raw, and heartfelt sounds and intimate personal lyrics. Ghost Tropic is a truly cool combination of sounds and lyrics. 

Later that same night, it’s movie time with “Revenge of the Creature!”  Presented by the St. Augustine Historical Society, Marineland and the St. Johns County Public Library, this screening of the 1955 horror classic continues a local look at St. Augustine’s and St. Johns County’s history as a film location.   Watch closely, and you will catch a glimpse of Clint Eastwood in his first, un-credited screen appearance as a lab assistant.  Did I mention that the music and movie are free? You have to go!

When the second day of the workweek already seems like five days long, you need to join all of your friends at the Night Market. It will feel like a holiday in the middle of the week!

If you are saving up all your energy for the weekend, then your reward awaits you on Saturday, April 28, just across the Bridge of Lions. Within a couple of blocks, you can take in a multitude of excellent bands, some great food, and plenty of refreshing beverages.  

Planet Sarbez is featuring four great acts — JIMS with No Means Yes, Jon Bailey and Ryan Johnson. One of the coolest hangouts in the oldest city, Planet Sarbez has something for everyone — an arcade, great music, and a long list of amazing grilled cheese sandwich options.  The lineup gets started at 8:30pm. 

Closer to the bridge, Shanghai Nobby’s is offering more amazing music with Burl, Broken Things, Telepathic Lines, and Orbiter. Featuring a full bar and an open-air patio to take in the lively scene, this night at Nobby’s showcases some of St. Augustine’s top bands. The music gets cranking at 8pm.  

Both Sarbez and Nobby’s will give you a chance to feel the vibrant experience that is the flourishing of local music and musicians.  Hard, loud, well played and always exciting, the St. Augustine Music scene is a dynamic experience with room to grow — it’s proving to be such a cool time to be in St. Augustine!

Feeling a little mellower, but just as social? Then you need to stride on over to Hornski’s Vinyl Lounge, and spend some time in a space that reminds many of their mom’s basement, circa 1979.  Rummage through the many vinyl records for sale, play pool or skee ball, and enjoy the easygoing atmosphere.  If you find a record you want to hear, the good man behind the bar will play it for you. 

Hornski’s feels like the groovy headquarters where many progressive parties intersect and spend some time with one another on any given night in St. Augustine.  Hornski’s Vinyl Lounge is a party just waiting for its guests. 

Whichever you choose, the Night Market or Saturday night just across the bridge, you are practically guaranteed to have a night to remember, because it’s our town at its best, and every night is a great night to be in St. Augustine. 

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