Meet the Director: Jennifer Farrow directs the sold out Jungle Book Kids at Limelight Theatre

Meet Jennifer Farrow, the Director of Jungle Book Kids, on stage February 15-17 at Limelight Theatre. Read her interview below. While Jungle Book is SOLD OUT, Limelight Theatre’s KidzfACTory has plenty of options coming up for students of all ages including a Spring Break Camp, Shrek the Musical Jr., Freaky Friday, and 101 Dalmations. See the schedule at

Jennifer Farrow, director of Jungle Book Kids and a teaching artist at Limelight Theatre.

  • Q: How long have you been involved with KidzfACTory at Limelight Theatre?
  • A: I started teaching Little Stars preschool drama classes about three years ago, but knew how fantastic it was long before that, when my kids participated in  some camps and shows.
  • Q: Tell me your other productions that you have worked on, including MainStage shows at Limelight.
  • A: Besides Little Stars, I directed two other shows for younger kids that were adorable. MainStage, I worked on the Mystery of Irma Vep, Coney Island Christmas, stage managed Cabaret, was in Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, and just got started as Delilah the Maid in Father of the Bride!
  • Q: What’s your favorite part of the education program?
  • A: That it can be so many different things for different people. You see kids come in absolutely petrified, but willing to go out of their comfort zone to be a part of a show. Others come in because they need this creative outlet that they have not found anywhere else. By far one of my favorite moments to witness is when a kiddo rocks a scene, or solo, or choreography for the first time. They have worked hard for it, and they own it! It is an emotional thing to see them grow and have fun. That is largely because we provide a safe and nurturing environment where they learn to work as a team and support each other’s victories, big and small. Lasting friendships form, and the confidence the kids gain carries far beyond the stage. Some of our older KidsfACTory kids become interested in the technical side of theatre, and now stage manage or run the light and sound boards for our MainStage shows. We’re setting them up for success beyond the theatre. And, I can attest to this, because with three kids, we’ve tried a lot of different activities!
  • Q: Favorite scene of the Jungle Book?
  • A: When the jungle “wakes up” at the beginning. It’s a magical moment.
  • Q: The most rewarding part of directing this show?
  • A: By far it has been the collaboration — we have been lucky (and spoiled!) enough to have this team that works well together and respects each other very much. We are positive, communicate well, and are truly excited for the kids, and I hope the kids have learned something from that! It’s so easy to look for the negatives and complain- we encourage and provide constructive criticism, and see the kids become far more successful. And Kristin, our Education Director, I can’t speak enough about how amazing she is— ever encouraging and truly gifted in making this a professional experience for kids. And going back to KidzfACTory kids who are interested in other areas of theatre, we have four interns who show up to every rehearsal wanting to help and lead- they do a lot of warmups and are currently putting together a lot of our preshow activities. And, they are SERIOUSLY on the ball- if a kid is absent and we need someone to read for a role, I turn around and there they are with a script. Oh! And we just did a collaboration with Mandarin High’s Jungle Book cast — they set up a workshop on movement and emotion for our kids, and it was the BEST time.
Theatre was a childhood love for me that I am so happy to have found again. I have always loved live theatre, and when my oldest started participating in KidzfACTory and did her first mainstage show, so many opportunities came up to be involved. I am beyond thankful for my Limelight Family, especially because they listen to my endless fart and poop jokes (I’m a full time mommy, it’s kind of a dominant topic in this phase of life) and encourage my weirdness. My kids are Molly, 10, Charlie, 7, and Lucy, 4 — and I am totally obsessed with them. My husband, Mike, is the reason I can do it all — he takes on extra daddy duty (doodie!) and has never complained about a single rehearsal or late night that I have spent at Limelight. I’m a lucky gal!
Freaky Friday is the high school age summer camp at Limelight Theatre. Details at

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