St. Augustine grill-maker on Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food on August 15

Nick Carrera, third from left, in front of his hand-built Urban Asado grill, at a festival on Francis Field. This St. Augustine business owner will appear on Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food on August 15, 2018.

St. Augustine resident Nick Carrera will be showcasing his hand-built Argentinian-style grills and demonstrating his cooking on Cooking Channel’s “Man Fire Food” with host Roger Mooking on August 15, 2018 at 9 p.m.

His local business, Urban Asado, features wood-burning, handcrafted grills inspired by those created in Argentina, where Nick’s father was born and raised. 

From the Man Fire Food website:

Season 7, Episode 12

Light My Latin Fire

Roger Mooking fires up two delicioso Latin-inspired feasts. In St. Augustine, Fla., Roger meets Nick Carrera, a grill master and grill maker behind Urban Asado. They roast whole lambs and vegetables on Nick’s asado crosses and asado grills for an Argentinian cookout. In Smyrna, Ga., Roger hangs out with Chef Andre Gomez, the owner of Porch Light Latin Kitchen, who cooks up Puerto Rican classics in his backyard when he’s off the clock. Roger and Andre build a rustic cinder block pit to roast a whole pig. While the meat cooks, they make empanadas by encasing shredded braised pork cheeks in a dough made from green plantains, and they shallow-fry them in a pan of oil set over a bed of hot coals.

A photo on St. Augustine Beach showing an Urban Asado grill created by Nick Carrera.

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