Courtney Krug: Bringing Positivity and Playfulness Through Textile Design

By Gabby Ervin

Free-spirited, independent and constantly inspired by the ever-changing journey of one’s life, Courtney Krug’s textile design firm, AT300NELSON, is the result of her many experiences and the winding road she took to get there.

“In college, I moved around from major to major, trying to figure out where I fit,” explains Krug, a Northeast Florida-native and owner and founder of AT300NELSON.

“I started with drawing and painting, then moved to graphic design and then on to fashion design… Then, I crashed, burned and I literally threw everything away. I needed time away from all of it, so I took it…and in the process, let myself begin to dream, again.”

From St. Augustine, Florida through the Tetons and into the Santa Cruz Mountains, Krug spent each moment honing her craft and finding herself as a designer.

“The places I traveled to and the people I met helped me find the encouragement I needed to pursue life as a textile designer and business owner,” Krug explains. “I believe color and print are capable of leaving lasting impacts on the people around them, and while everyone will have a different interpretation, there is something beautiful to be found in our discovery.” 

AT300NELSON takes Courtney’s love of color and pattern and offers something tangible for all to enjoy with one-of-a-kind fabric by-the-yard and made-to-order pieces. The fibre and dry goods line is founded on creative expression, connection and mindfulness with a desire to be a part of the design process every step of the way. Each textile is designed to add a special touch to your home, office or creative space. 

With various patterns, colors and prints, the fabric that Krug utilizes is a certified, Belgian linen and cotton blend that she calls a “heritage, luxury and sustainable” material. “Every part of the plant is used and requires minimal irrigation to grow,” she explains. “It’s produced in its optimum climate and all of our dry goods are finished regionally.”

AT300NELSON textiles are crafted with simplicity for the modern world. Brought to life through the seamless action of putting pen to paper, each of Krug’s designs is personal while also being environmentally sustainable. All dry goods are crafted by hand and made to punctuate any space.

“Our mission is to be a part of the design from start to finish, so we keep in touch with our work through every step along the way,” says Krug. “Our textiles are regionally printed using a low VOC process and third-party certified, water based inks that are free of any metals or Prop 65 chemicals. All orders are shipped from St. Augustine, Florida to our customers and made-to-order in a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability is not an original concept. It is a requirement.” 

Specialty-crafted furnishings that have been tailor-made to fit your space are hard to come by. That’s why AT300NELSON provides unique, handmade goods that spark joy, conversation and beauty. “As an individual, I don’t like to be pinned down, so I do my best not to do that to my customer, whether it be geographically or artistically,” says Krug. “My intention and hope are that AT300NELSON brings positivity, playfulness, optimism and enjoyment into the customer’s life, wherever and however they choose.”



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