Mayday Ice Cream releases new flavor on May 21 for Third Birthday!

While it’s been a tough year for many small businesses around North Florida, Mayday Handcrafted Ice Creams is grateful to be celebrating its 3rd Birthday on Friday, May 21.

To celebrate this sweet achievement, Mayday is releasing a brand new flavor just in time to kick off summer. Passionfruit Turmeric is a tropical flavor accompanied by subtle earthy undertones and a nice tang. It’s creamy, custard-like texture has a soft yellow hue reminiscent of the Florida sunshine.

All six Mayday locations will also be giving out free swag with each purchase made on May 21st! While supplies last, of course.

“Passionfruit is one of my all-time favorite flavors,” explains Stephen DiMare, owner of Mayday Handcrafted Ice Creams and its sister-company, Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops. “It’s bold, bright, quirky, and enduring. Turmeric is subtle, earthy, and colorful, providing a wonderful stage partner to Passionfruit without taking the spotlight. The combination of these fun flavors really captures the heart of Mayday, being both quirky and approachable at the same time. I love bold flavors and my work with The Hyppo over the years has driven my love for fruits into the stratosphere.”

In just three years, Mayday has opened six locations in Florida, including two locations in St. Augustine, Lakeland, Jacksonville San Marco, Jacksonville Beach, and Jacksonville Riverside.

The artisan ice cream purveyor offers classic ice cream flavors with a modern twist such as Blue Sky Blues, Cloud 9, Strawberry Fields, Coffee + Donuts, Blackberry Earl Grey, Lavender Melange, Ice Box Lemon, and Triple Vanilla, as well as non-dairy options like Almond Butter Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, and Dirty Chai.

“Mayday’s rapid growth over the last three years is nothing short of a miracle,” says DiMare. “For it to grow so quickly, makes our team — from top to bottom — feel like we are doing meaningful work and adding value to our community. That sends ripple effects into everything we do as a company.”

Mayday’s Production Manager, Kyle Whalen, agrees, “Passionfruit Turmeric is a great representation of what we strive to be at Mayday and there’s no better way to celebrate than a birthday. The flavor is accessible, innovative, and fun and it’s the perfect scoop of creamy ice cream to kick off summer fun!”

Learn more or order pints online for delivery at Follow along on social media @maydayicecream

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