The Elkhouse Eatery in Crescent Beach // Food Culture in St. Augustine

Located in the A-Frame house along A1A South in Crescent Beach, The Elkhouse Eatery opened in 2016 serving fish, fowl and range — a wide variety of seafood, duck, chicken, elk medallions, and heritage beef.

Owned by husband and wife Charles Searleman and Trilani Delavarre, the dinner-only eatery is not your typical beach restaurant.

The menu and the lodge-type feel in the dining room takes guests on a food adventure — with Chef Dustin Dailey creating signature dishes from wild-caught seafood such as crab and oysters, and heritage steaks from Meats by Linz of Chicago, one of the premier meat purveyors in the country.

Dinner specials are available each night, along with staple menu items that  include Crispy Confit Duck Wings; Whole Fried Snapper; North American Rainbow Trout; Hand Carved 14 oz Black Angus NY Strip; and Twin 4oz. Elk Medallions, among other dishes.

Baked wild-caught clams from The Elkhouse Eatery.

Historically in St. Augustine, a menu with wild game and seafood would have been on the dinner table of the native Timucua, who lived in the area at least 500 years before Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles founded St. Augustine. in 1565.

It’s documented in Spanish archives that the first Thanksgiving meal was held in September 1565 by Menendez for his 800 settlers and ship crew, and the Timucua were invited. What was served? From the Spanish: Cocido, a stew made from salted pork and garbanzo beans with garlic seasoning, hard sea biscuits and red wine. From the Timucua: wild turkey, venison, gopher tortoise, mullet, drum, sea catfish, maize (corn), beans, and squash.

At The Elkhouse Eatery, experience locally and regionally sourced seafood, delectable game, and heritage beef such as dry-aged Angus. It’s a food experience like no other in the St. Augustine area.

The Elkhouse Eatery’s Crispy Confit Duck Wings.


  • 6357 A1A South, St. Augustine FL 32084 — at Crescent Beach
  • 904-342-7639
  • Hours are 5 to 9 pm Tuesday-Saturday

Heritage Angus Ribeye from The Elkhouse Eatery in Crescent Beach.


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