Visit a real haunted house in St. Augustine, Florida

Visit a real haunted house in St. Augustine on America’s oldest street! There have been at least 13 people who have died in the Ximenez-Fatio House, built in 1798 in historic St. Augustine, Florida. Take a Twilight Tour every Friday and Saturday evening in October and the first weekend of November.

The 3rd Annual Twilight Tour focuses on Fatal Folklore. As the sun sets, it admittedly gets a little spooky at this former boarding house, located at 20 Aviles Street. Many came to stay at Miss Fatio’s Boarding House, but some never returned home. Hear the spookier side of the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum and learn about some of the more interesting guests who stayed at the boarding house, and the families who owned the property in the 200+ years it has been standing! From Spanish merchants to soldiers stationed in St. Augustine, to the single ladies who ran their businesses and raised their families here, this house has centuries of stories within its coquina walls. Guests may even have the chance to meet our spirit friend, Little Miss Madison, who likes to run up and down the stairs, move items in the museum, and play with a dollhouse located on the third floor.

Twilight Tour: Fatal Folklore is perfect for all ages who are looking for a St. Augustine fun, family-friendly nighttime activity. Each tour is approximately 45 minutes and takes guests through the beautiful 18th century home, where ythey will hear the stories and history of the house not normally heard on our daytime tour.

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